Property Refurbishments in Oxted | House Renovations | How These Services Differ

For many homeowners, the terms ‘refurbishment’ and ‘renovation’ are interchangeable. However, using these words in such a way is inaccurate. Property refurbishments and house renovations are individual services. Our builders take a markedly different approach with each, creating distinct results. But because building work comes in all shapes and sizes, it is possible for projects to combine aspects of both.

Wood Brothers also undertakes property extensions and a range of other building services in and around Oxted. On this page, though, we focus on explaining the difference between refurbishments and renovations.

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Refurbishment and Renovation | What’s the Difference?

To highlight the differences between these services, we have looked at them individually.

Property Refurbishments

Of these two forms of building work, refurbishments are the less intrusive. When undertaking refurbishments, our builders are more concerned with restoring and repairing the condition and appearance of a room or building. Put simply, these projects are more superficial in quality when compared with house renovations.

Common examples of refurbishments in Oxted and the neighbouring areas include updating the décor, plastering walls, redecorating or fixing a troublesome or damaged area.

Generally speaking, property refurbishments focus on the process of breathing new life into an existing space, but with little in the way of major repairs, and certainly no layout or structural changes. There’s typically no crossover with property extensions either.

The benefits of refurbishing include:

• A cost-effective solution appropriate for any budget
• Fast turnaround times with minimal disruption
• An easy, simple way to create a stylish room or home
• Neutral tones hold huge appeal with buyers and tenants

House Renovations

When undertaking a renovation, our builders get under the skin of a property. This building work usually involves substantial changes to the structure. Popular aspects of renovations include removing or replacing a defective feature like a chimney breast, altering the floor layout, knocking through walls to create open-plan spaces or performing corrective work on the foundations.

Whereas property refurbishments take place by choice, renovations are often necessary. We carry out many such projects on older properties to bring them in line with the current UK Building Regulations.

You may require house renovations if yours has become outdated, damaged or you’ve simply outgrown the existing space and layout. Due to this last point, there’s sometimes an overlap with property extensions.

Regardless, when you start planning to add or remove walls, raise ceilings, alter layouts or build additions, you are renovating your Oxted home. If you want to rejuvenate old décor, or remove signs of wear and tear or minor damage, you are refurbishing.

The benefits of renovating include:

• When completed by our builders, renovations increase your home’s market value
• Our building work gives your property greater accessibility and functionality
• Renovations that focus on natural light increase comfort and quality of life
• Large-scale upgrades across your home reduce your future maintenance needs

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